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  • 01 Sep

    Tobermory Gin

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    Say hello to Tobermory Hebridean Gin, to accompany our A La Carte Menu

    The Artisan Distiller

    The people of the Isle of Mull, celebrate creativity and are expressive in nature. The colourful houses of Tobermory are clear evidence of this, with seaside homes framed by the rich and dramatic landscape of this beautiful island.

    The distinctive spirits that are born at the coastal distillery reflect their passion for art in nature.

    Tobermory Gin is distilled on the Isle of Mull and includes a splash of spirit from the Tobermory whisky stills to create a truly unique character.

    Their recipe of hand-selected botanicals includes juniper, tea, heather, elderflower, sweet orange peel. Perhaps their most important ingredient to this recipe is their distillation knowledge, spanning 220 years of history in production.



    It was especially important for them to create something truly original and unique with Tobermory Gin, so when the opportunity arose to secure a redundant John Dore & Co copper still from South Africa, the time felt right.

    The still, built in the 1950’s, was sourced and shipped to Scotland for refurbishment and installation.

    Work had to be done on the distillery itself to accommodate the new still, converting a store area and upstairs office into a still-house, allowing the opportunity to maximise the length of the still neck, which helps to influence the light, vibrant character of the spirit produced.

    Mull -tobermory -main -street -north


    The botanicals used in their gin reflect the fruity character that Tobermory is known for in their single malt whisky.

    Distilled in the restored John Dore & Co copper pot still, Tobermory Gin has the perfect balance of fruity and floral notes with the malty full mouthfeel of newly distilled whisky spirit.

    On the nose; notes of fresh juniper are balanced with citrus and coriander, with a touch of rich maltiness, from the specially created Botanical #1.

    The taste; fresh juniper balanced with sweet orange and lemon comes through clearly, with hints of coriander and gentle herbs and spices.

    Perfect Serve; Tobermory is best served in a balloon glass with ice, topped with chilled tonic water.

    Garnish; a sprig of thyme, a slice of fresh bloodred orange and a dash of dried hibiscus flowers, the finish is long, fresh and citrusy.

    Stephen Woodcock, Distillery Manager at Tobermory Distillery said: “Tobermory Distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, producing one of the oldest Single Malts. We’ve got a track record of producing different spirit types, though we’d never tried to make gin, until now, and we’re really pleased with the result. Tobermory Gin is the first established Single Malt distillery to use their name on a gin. Using a splash of spirit from our famous whisky stills, along with a mix of botanicals, some hand foraged on the island, Tobermory Gin really is something different, with an interesting story to tell as well as a high quality and unique spirit. I’m confident both gin and whisky drinkers alike will enjoy a taste of magical Mull."

    We hope you enjoy your chance to sample this brand new Tobermory Gin, for more information please visit their website at Tobermory Distillery.  View Brian's current A La Carte menu. Cheers!

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