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  • 14 Nov

    Monkey 47 - Gin Experience Feature November 2017

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    We are delighted to be featuring Monkey 47 at our November 18th Gin Experience and Lunch

    A craft gin lovingly created in the Black Forest in Germany.  With 47 featured botanicals and bottled at a generous 47% ABV, we couldn't wait to explore the many botanicals of this gin!

    To name all 47 botanics is borderline impossible, but with the obvious juniper back bone other highlights are angelica root, acacia flowers, bramble leaves, lingonberries and spruce shoots! All #blackforest born!



    Nose: Aromatic and so complex.

    Palate: Intense herbal flavours and fruitiness with subtle spicy notes ending with a lush pine/spruce wave.

    Perfect Serve: Oh...don't mix it! Hang on...the petilance of tonic highlights all those delectable floral notes and magnifies the glorious whims of spice. Herb and pine linger on the lasting palate. Add some lime zest to garnish and you'll taste that fruit character even more prominantly.


    Call to book for our November 18th Gin Experience and Lunch Event with host Pernod Ricard and get to try this exclusive gin for yourself! Cheers! 

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