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  • 08 Jun

    Smoked Salmon with cucumber & dill Recipe of the Month June 2016

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    Summer is the perfect time for simple yet elegant recipes.  One of the main reasons I returned home to Scotland was the amazing produce.  This Smoked Salmon recipe is super easy but really charming to help you bring in those long summer evenings.

    Smoked salmon with salad of cucumber and dill                       

    Serves 4

    120g Smoked Salmon                                                       

    1 or 2 shallots

    Pinch salt

    Mixed salad

    1 Cucumber                                                                  

    Small bunch dill                                                           


    2 tomatoes

    Drizzle of olive oil


    100ml Mayonnaise

    100ml double cream

    1-2 shallots

    Small bunch dill

    Lemon Juice



    Smoked salmon can be bought pre sliced or you can buy a whole side and slice it thinly yourself.

    Pick, wash and dry salad. Peel and deseed cucumber then slice thinly. Pick and chop dill not too fine and mix through the cucumber. Add a little vinaigrette.

    Blanch the tomato in boiling, salted water for ten seconds, then refresh in iced salted water. When cold take out, skin, quarter and deseed them then cut into even sized dice.

    Put mayonnaise in a bowl and add some double cream. Peel and chop shallots finely. Chop dill. Add shallot and sill to the mayonnaise and mix well. Season and check consistency looking for it to be smooth.

    When plating, arrange the smoked salmon on the plate into a nice floret style. Place the cucumber salad to the side. Place a little salad in the middle then dill dressing over and around.

    So simple – So tasty!





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