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  • 12 Oct

    Fig Tart with Cinnamon and Crème Fraiche Recipe of the Month October 2016

    Posted by Brian Maule

    Brian's fig tart recipe

    Seasonality should be key to getting the absolute best out of your fresh ingredients. The begining of Autumn sees the best figs for this recipe. I could tell you about the many and varied health benefits of figs too - but perhaps in this recipe given the other calories present I won't emphasise too much on the fruits health benifits & qualities. But if you're justifing this desert as one of your five a day then I will not judge! 

    I hope you enjoy giving this recipe a try for yourself!

    Serves 4


    10 Figs                                                                     100g Ground Almonds

    4 Cut out Puff Pastry                                                 100g Butter

    50g Butter                                                                100g Sugar

    50g Sugar                                                                 2 Eggs

    1 Teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon                             

    Stock Syrup (100g Water, 100g Sugar)                     


    When buying puff pastry, you can buy pre rolled, then cut out with a saucer of your choice of size.

    Making almond cream, involves softening butter then adding sugar, almonds and eggs - slow beating all the while. Put this mix on the base of the pastry.

    The syrup should  be made by boiling the water with the cinnamon then add the sugar then let cool.

    Cut the figs into wedges then drop into the syrup and drain well. Put on the pastry, placing it neatly so you can see the presentation.

    Put a little butter on top with a little sugar and place in the oven at 180° for 12-15 minutes. Then put a spoonful of crème Fraiche either on top or on the side.

     Too easy...Enjoy!

    Disclaimer - Please remember as delicious as this dish may be - overconsumption of figs can cause an slightly undesired effect!

    Fig Tart Cc






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