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  • 28 Oct

    International Cook Off from Evening Times

    Posted by Evening Times

    International Cook-off competition at Le Chardon d'Or

    TEAM Glasgow went head-to-head with Team Maryland under the watchful eye of renowned chefs Brian Maule and Jacqueline O’Donnell.

    Students from City of Glasgow College took part in a cook-off with their peers from Anne Arundel Community College in the US.

    Challenged to prepare a three-course meal from a basket of mystery ingredients, the competition pit the best young chefs from each side of the pond against one another.

    Willie McCurrach, Curriculum Head for Food at City of Glasgow College, organised the cook-off event.

    He said: “I’m the one that’s been responsible for creating the surprise basket and nobody else knows what’s inside.

    “Participating in the cook-off will be a great experience for all the students. There’s also going to be a trophy awarded to the winning team, which will be something for them all to look forward to.

    “I was able to give the staff and students from Anne Arundel Community College a tour of the new campus and they were all blown away by the facilities we have here.”

    The exhibition formed part of the celebrations at the Gala Launch of City of Glasgow College’s new ten-storey Cathedral Street City campus.

    The cook-off aspect cast a spotlight on the partnership City of Glasgow College has recently established with Anne Arundel Community College, which will next year see the launch of a formal international student exchange programme.

    City of Glasgow College Principal and Chief Executive Paul Little said: “I’m delighted we are able to enter into this agreement as both our colleges will no doubt benefit. Anne Arundel Community College was recently voted as one of the best culinary and hospitality schools in the USA.”

    Last night’s event saw hundreds of figures from the world of education and politics come together to mark the completion of the college’s £228million twin-site city centre supercampus development.

    The campus is equipped with 16 professional cookery kitchens, a fine dining restaurant and a marketplace which is open to the public.

    Carrie Svoboda, who currently studies Culinary Arts at Anne Arundel Community College, said: “I am always eager to learn from anyone who is willing to share knowledge about the culinary industry.

    “It is especially exciting for me to be mentored by a chef from City of Glasgow College as the customs and cuisine are very different to that of American cuisine.

    “I am looking forward to seeing the differences and similarities between the two countries.”

    Her classmate Ethan Crosbie added: “I am excited about having the opportunity during our time at City of Glasgow College to make Scottish food with Scottish chefs and learn techniques I won’t see anywhere else. I will be a better cook for the rest of my career as a result of this trip.”

    Gary Mclean, Chef Lecturer and Captain of the Scottish team, said: “It’s an honour to be involved in this competition.

    “We’re looking at the whole experience as a cultural exchange - we’ve had the American students working with us at City of Glasgow College for several days now.

    “Each team will create a three-course meal from a basket filled with surprise ingredients.

    “Whilst this means they’re not really able to fully prepare themselves for the competition, it adds a really fun element to it.

    “We’re looking forward to seeing each team put their own stamp on the competition.”

    Brian Maule, of Le Chardon D’Or restaurant, and Jacqueline O’Donnell, of the Three Sisters, judged the event.

    Judge Brian Maule, of restaurant Le Chardon D’Or, said: “Having witnessed first-hand the quality of chefs produced by City of Glasgow College, I was honoured to be asked to judge this exciting competition.

     “My restaurant has been established in Glasgow for over 15 years now and through this time, it has been a pleasure to mentor many of the college’s young up-and-coming chefs.”


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