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  • 10 Jan

    Featured Spirit No.209

    Posted by Carlee Wilson
    Blog Image 209
    Featured Spirit - No. 209
    San Francisco born, this super premium gin is made in a small distillery on a pier overlooking the Harbour. The natural cooling properties of 13 feet of San Francisco Bay water beneath the pier keep the air temperature in the distillery perfect for distilling (and experimenting) all year round. This small-batch, handcrafted spirit that's uniquely made using nearly a dozen botanicals sourced from four different continents is our January Gin Experience feature. The five-time distillation method employed creates a gin that's very amenable to being blended for cocktails and distinct enough to stand alone in a classic dry martini.

      The Botanicals
    The exact recipe for No. 209 Gin is a closely guarded secret but there are between 8 and 11 botanicals used in the making of No. 209 Gin and they include juniper berries, cassia bark, cardamom pods, bergamot orange peel, lemon peel,
    coriander seeds, angelica root.

    Nice to 'Nose' you...
    On the nose, spicy citrus notes come to the fore with a mellow juniper and slightly floral backdrop. On the whole, the flavour of No. 209 is citrus forward, but not overbearing – predominantly bergamot orange. The warmth of coriander and cassia give a firm (but by no means overwhelming) base to the gin, while the cardamom imparts its unmistakable flavour. Not abundantly juniper led, this gin is quite distinctly different to your classic London Dry Gins.

    Taste Time
    First citrus high notes come through, with lemon followed by a little orange. Floral notes become apparent thereafter a result of the bergamot and coriander elements. Mid-palate, there is a pepper-like warmth from cardamom and juniper. As the cardamom continues to bloom across the palate mint-like components further emerge. The cassia and other warm spice notes become prominent on the finish evoking receptors on the palate, that makes you crave one more sip..

    Signature Serve


    50ml No.209 Gin
    Premium Tonic Water
    Sliced Orange

    Pour 50ml No.209 over ice, top with premium tonic and garnish with a slice of orange.

    Join us soon at Le Chardon d'Or and try this amazing tipple. For information on our upcoming events,  like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram or go to our What's On section on our website......Cheers!


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