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  • 19 Feb

    Thomas Dakin - Drink of the Month February 2016

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    First Gin Experience with Thomas Dakin

    For the first Gin featured on our blog we have chosen the Thomas Dakin small batch gin. It also happens to be one of the gins featured in our Gin Experience and lunch on the 20th of this month. Thomas Dakin is a juniper-led gin, with zesty notes of sweet orange and fresh citrus, enlivened by an infusion of distinctive red cole, a savory root botanical which gives this gin a delicious, long, lingering finish.

    Thomas Dakin Gin Lunch


    Thomas Dakin Origin

    In 1761, at the outset of the industrial revolution, Thomas Dakin began distilling gin in Warrington, North of England, at the age of 25.  He pioneered the development and refinement of high quality English gin and his inventive and enlightened outlook created a superior quality, unrivalled gin distilling heritage and legacy. Given gin’s sordid reputation at the time, this was a highly ambitious move but Dakin had the courage of his convictions to succeed and transform the fortunes of gin from its dark past into a glorious future. Many gin makers followed Thomas Dakin but he was the man that started it all and is widely regarded as the forefather of quality English gin.



    Juniper (1) – piney, perfumed notes

    English coriander seeds (2) – citrus and spice notes

    Orange peel (3) – sweet orange notes

    Grapefruit (4) – fresh citrus

    Cubebs (5) – aromatic pepper kick

    Liquorice root (6) – sweet, woody notes

    Angelica (7) – earthy notes

    Red Cole (8) which adds a delicious savoury character and a long,

    lingering finish to produce a gin of unmistakable character.


     Thomas Dakin Gin Cocktail Blog Brian Maule



    Chardon d'Or Thomas Dakin perfect serve - Tom and Tonic Cocktail


    • 50ML Thomas Dakin Gin
    • 125ML Fever Tree tonic water
    • Orange peel


    • Pour the gin over a full glass of ice and top up with the tonic water.
    • Twist a 5cm strip of the orange peel.









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