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  • 02 Aug

    Eden Mill Love Gin of the Month August 2016

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    Brewer/Distiller, Jason Daly of Eden Mill St Andrews believes they, 'are brewers and distillers of craft beer, gin and whisky'.

    In his recent Blog he went on to explain - 

    'The word “craft” is becoming an ever more popular buzzword in today’s marketing jargon. It is a word that can be all too easy to dismiss or glaze over. It has no legal definition in our industry. But we are craft. We are craft distillers and brewers because we are experts in our field. We are craft because we are hands on with our products from conception to consumption. We are craft because one minute we are sommeliers tasting everything in our midst, and the next we are mad scientists creating time saving crazy contraptions. We are craft because sometimes it’s about exact measurements and sometimes it’s about intuition and a good feeling.

    Our products are craft because we do not cut corners when it comes to flavour. They are craft because they are made with care, passion and laughter. We are craft because we love what we do... and think you will too'

    At Le Chardon d'Or we love the whole Eden Mill Range 

    Eden Mills Gin Range Brian Maule

    Sadly, we could only choose one to feature for the month of August so we went with Love....



    Love Gin brings together an outstanding blend of local botanicals and exotic fruits. This gin is a pale pink when neat, and dilutes to sweet vanilla and floral notes. Show your love of gin.


    • 50cl ceramic pottery bottle
    • Pale pink in colour (when neat)
    • Alc. 42% vol. Enjoy responsibly.


    • Juniper berries
    • Angelica
    • Coriander
    • Rose petal
    • Hibiscus
    • Elderberry
    • Goji berry
    • Raspberry leaf
    • Rhubarb root


    • Soft, subtle juniper with a rich touch of warm, spiced berries
    • Sweet vanilla and green fruits
    • Finishing in a delicate, citrus pink grapefruit and rose water


    • Warming spirit with juniper and rhubarb spice that mellows
    • Soft and sweet ripe berries, then hints of freeze-dried dark fruits
    • Touches of rhubarb and custard sweets are evoked
    • Floral hint of rose petal water


    • A long, warming finish of soft dark fruits
    • Moving to a sweet vanilla, floral finish


    • Pink grapefruit or red berries (in berry season)
    • Frozen raspberries (out of berry season)

    Our August 20th Lunch is FULLY BOOKED but why not come in and enjoy the delightful Eden Mill Gin with us today?

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