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  • 01 Jan

    Gin of the Month January 2018 Ungava

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    Diners throughout January can look forward to trying this delightful gin at the end of the meal, courtesy of Brian and the good people at Whyte & Mackay.

    Premium gin with natural ingredients

    Ungava Gin is a premium dry gin that's made 100 per cent natural ingredients; hanpicked, rare arctic tundra botanicals.  Produced in Northern Canada, botanicals are indiginous to the region, making this gin unique with flavour that would be difficult to replicate.

    Featured Botanicals

    Wild Rose 

    1. Wild Rose Hip - Contributes to the sweet-tart, fruity dimension and colour of Ungava Gin.

    Appears throughout the Ungava region wherever there is access to direct sunlight.

    Nord Jun

    2. Nordic Juniper - Brings a citrus element to both the taste and the aroma of Ungava Gin.

    Growing in sandy areas along the coast of Ungava and in dry rocky soil


    3. Arctic Blend - The underlying botanical base of Ungava Gin.

    Can be found throughout the Ungava region.

    Crow b

    4. Crowberry - Contribute to the sweet-tart, fruity dimension of Ungava Gin.

    Found on the coast and across the Tundra in sandy rocky areas

    Lab t

    5. Labrador Tea -Creates the herbal flavour to Ungava Gin.

    Usually grows in dry rocky areas or in peat bogs.


    6. Cloudberry - Enrichment of the flavour and contributes to the colour of the liquid.

     Growing in damp areas, like bogs and marshes.


    Some additional unique points of note:

    Ungava Gin's unique colour is a result of a post-distillation herbal infusion

    Ungava is made from 100% natural ingredients; handpicked, rare botanicals

    Ungava comes from Ugava Bay, The Canadian North- a unique provenance, which is wild and prestine

    Ungava is bottled at 43.1% ABV

    We loved this gin when we tried it.  It's so versatile and fabulous for cocktails or enjoyed on the rocks!

    For more information and ides for cocktails check out the website here

    We are delighted to be featuring this award winning Gin all through January...

    Please join us soon and take your opportunity to try this gin with us!


    Award Winning Gin


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