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  • 01 Jan

    Jura - Malt of the Month January 2016

    Posted by Cal Henry


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    For the first Malt of the Year this month we have chosen something special and a little different - Sweet or Smoky, What’s your preference?



    This is where it all started. It's the whisky that signifies the rebuilding of our community and rebirth of the Jura distillery. On the front of the bottle is a Celtic symbol for birth, beginnings and the forces of nature. It's something that we added to our unique bottle because we thought it symbolised our unique story, and the whisky that is at the heart of everything we do.


    Tasting Notes

    Light and delicate with a warming honey finish

    Now comes the techie part: this is aged in ex-Bourbon casks for 10 years. Some say it tastes of oak with hints of honey, caramel and soft liquorice, but then again everyone is different. What do you taste?




    We're a superstitious lot on Jura. Aren't we all? From never cutting peat before May and always building haystacks in a clockwise direction, our superstitions are like stories handed down through the generations. In Superstition, we wanted to produce a wild whisky that's as rich as our story and a testament to all the intriguing histories around the world, so we've added the ancient Ankh cross, a symbol of good luck in the western isles, to the front of the bottle.


    Tasting Notes

    Lightly peated with hints of smoke

    For all of you taste gurus out there, you may pick out hints of honey and pine, as the balance of peated and unpeated spirits is matured to perfection in ex-Bourbon casks. The finest whiskies go into this mysterious bottle, so there's a different flavour to explore with every drop.



    Why not come along to Le Chardon d’Or and sample a dram whatever your preference?


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