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  • 01 May

    Bardowie Gin Feature May 2019

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    Bardowie Gin to accompany our A La Carte Menu

    Gin Of The Month MayT

    Brian and the team are delighted to be working with Alison and Mark Hazell this month, and look forward to offering our guests the stunning, award-winning Bardowie Gin throughout May.

    Hazell & Hazell Distillery, owned and founded by husband and wife team Alison and Mark Hazell, began production of at the beginning of this year in the only distillery in East Dunbartonshire. They produce Bardowie gin in small batch & classic London Dry style, using orange as its citrus element.

    With provenance at the heart of its production, water is sourced locally and features botanicals that are handpicked from its shores. Being a knowledgeable forager, Mark Hazell instinctively selects complementary botanicals to infuse in his award-winning gin. The botanicals are picked when at their best in season and used fresh or dried/frozen as appropriate until they are needed in the distillation process.


    This gin was produced initially by Hazell & Hazell's sister company, Jaw Brew as a contract distilled gin at a distillery in Dumbarton. Following their success in the Scottish Field Gin awards and the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Awards, Mark and Alison decided to open their own distillery at 'The Jaw', beside Bardowie Loch. The site was once an illegal distillery that was shut down in 1822, now complete with the necessary licenses, production has resumed, this time legally.


    Unlike other gins, Bardowie is not made from bought-in Neutral Grain Spirit (NGS) but from a wash made from brewing at Jaw Brew, which is then distilled to produce spirit. This process is time and labour intensive but adds a unique element of quality and control as well as a local identity to the product.

    This spirit is then infused with the chosen botanicals, left for some time and then re-distilled. Mark will decant the finished liquid into bottles which are closed with stoppers and sealed by hand with a foil. The bottles are then carefully hand labelled by Alison before being boxed and supplied to Glasgow’s top restaurants.


    Hazell and Hazell have been heavily inspired by their surroundings below the Campsie Hills. This can be seen through the flavouring of the gin, through the choosing of botanicals that naturally grow along the side of the loch. Similarly, the design of the gin branding takes its inspiration from the flora on Bardowie Loch. The pattern on the bottle was actually taken from a painting by Nikky d'Aguilar, one of Mark and Alison’s neighbours who also lives on Bardowie Loch. Her art was transformed into a design which replicates the scenery along the bank of the loch, highlighting the bulrushes; one of the gins key botanicals.


    The botanicals consist of orange peel, juniper, coriander and angelica root to which are added the unique locally picked botanicals of blackcurrant, bay, bulrush stem and ground elder.

    What to expect…

    The gin is a predominantly citrusy spirit with fresh, grassy and nutty undertones and a distinctive light, and florally refreshing experience which is ‘dangerously drinkable’.

    Brian and the team hope that you will join us soon so we can let you experience the quality that is Bardowie Gin. Click here to view our current A La Carte menu.


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