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  • 10 Sep

    Deanston 12 Year Old - Malt of November 2014

    Posted by Steven

    Powered by its own hydro-electric plant using water from the Tieth, Deanston actually produce enough power to give back a proportion to the National Grid, making its production very green indeed. Couple this with the fact that Deanston only use Scottish products and its barley is certified organic, this low impact whisky is unique amongst other whisky producers. And it does not stop there as thankfully, the non-chill filtered, non coloured whisky found inside its attractive yet simple packaging is at a chewy 46.3% ABV helping retain as much of the natural feel of the dram.

    For more information visit the website or raise a glass with us when next you dine! –

  • Michel Roux
    it is a delight to me to recommend someone who I have had the highest regard for twenty years. Our eleven years at le Gavroche showed me time and time again what he was capable of and it is a thrill to see these standards maintained at le Chardon D'or
    Michel Roux Jr.

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