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  • 02 Mar

    Shackleton Blend Malt Whisky of the Month

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    Shackleton blended Malt Whisky to accompany our A La Carte Menu

    In the early years of the 20th century, Sir Ernest Shackleton led one of the most famous expeditions to the Antarctic, overcoming tremendous obstacles to ensure that all of his men returned home safely. Shackleton ordered 25 cases of Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky to take on his expedition of 1907. In 2007, eleven intact bottles containing this perfectly preserved whisky were recovered from under the ice beneath Shackleton's base camp.
    Inspired by Shackleton's story, Master Blender, Richard Paterson, has recreated this lost whisky in a personal and deeply felt project. Building on his recreation of Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt, combining the best Highland malt whisky’s, and allowing them to marry over a long period, Paterson has created an enigmatic blended malt with a dash of body and a whisper of smoke. With complex notes of vanilla, honey and orchard fruits, the whisky his real warmth and depth, much like Shackleton himself.

    The Antarctic Heritage Trust are custodians of Shackleton’s Antarctic base camp at Cape Rod, Antarctica. AHT are dedicated to ensuring the refurbishment and preservation of this unique and significant heritage site. Shackleton will continue this legacy of preservation and promotion with a charitable donation from each bottle sold.

    What can you expect?

    Colour: Dazzling amber highlights brilliantly radiating the flashes of a golden sunset.

    On the nose: Buttery vanilla, toffee apple, brioche covered in Manuka honey and hints of Old English marmalade. Followed by cinnamon spice, crushed apples, banana bread and ginger cake. Closing with a final whisper of gentle bonfire smoke, salted bananas, soft chewy liquorice, and crème brulee.

    On the Palate: Rich, positive and rewarding. An initial wave of treacle toffee, molasses, Demerara sugar and sweet sultanas enriches the palate. Holding this spirit long in the mouth releases another fusion of flavours - glazed pineapple, freshly baked crusted bread, mango cake and hot mulled wine. A faint sprinkling of Pontefract cakes, praline chocolate and Oolong tea completes this enigmatic Blended Malt. 


    Brian and the team hope that you will join us soon so we can let you experience this quality blended malt whisky on us!
    View Brian's current A La Carte menu. Cheers!

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