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  • 19 May

    Drygate and the Rise of Craft Brewing

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    Lunch with Drygate

    In Britain there has been an explosion of growth in craft brewing.  There is now said to be 1500 small breweries in the UK, more per head than anywhere else in the world. They don't mind being small, indeed it seems natural and part of the charm of their craftspeople. 

    The current trend in flavours of craft beer tend to be big hoppy pale ale's & IPA's that would challenge wines like Sauvignon Blanc in the intesity of their citrus, pine resin or fruit aromas, while stouts and porters are full of espresso and dark chocolate notes. Similar to wine, craft beer isn't finished once its been brewed - the big trend at the moment is to age beer in wood, adding further layers to its structure and complexity. So when we decided to do a craft beer quest and lunch, who better to call upon than the experts at Drygate?

    The origninal meaning of Drygate is 'Priest's Path' and the company margue represents the Drygate Journey. Being exceptional isn't easy and the path isn't straight.

    Everceptional Drygate Brian Maule Blog

    If you've already booked to come along to this special lunch on the 28th of May, here is a couple of sneak peaks of what's in store for you....

    An iconic style, injected with the Drygate hop bite. The prototype batches and core brews were all about getting the fundamentals right and establishing the foundations for their range to grow as they look forward to developing their skills as part of the Drygate Collective on the all new 'Big Boy Kit'

    With a wink and a nod to the great American Style IPA's, GLADEYE embodies Drygate's spirit of adventure and their willingness to embrace the wealth of brewing expertise that has gone before them while endeavouring to make their own mark. They look forward to developing this prototype recipe at Drygate and inspiring the next generation of Hop Heads. 

    Gladeye Beer Drygate Brian Maule Blog

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