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  • 21 Dec

    Langley's Gin of the Month December 2016

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    Langley's Distillery has one of the most interesting histories of any other Gin Distillery.  Their world renowned good title and reputation are upheld in their flagship gin Langley's No.8.

    The recipe was deemed to be designed as a 'mans gin' by the distillery, but I fail to concur with this.  If you're a true gin drinker you will love, as Mark Dawkin's of Lanley's describes its, 'big flavours, complexity, and sophisticated flavour profile' irrespective of your gender. The Distillery justify their recipe tailored to mans palate by explaining that the surge in gin making has seen a broader spectrum of gins produced with most recipes heading towards the sweeter more floral varieties - Langley's Gin No. 8 is quite opposite to this.

    Langley's No. 8 takes you on a journey around the world with the eight botanicals featured - Juniper from Macedonia is hand sorted to ensure same size berries and no stems get through.  Bulgaria provides corriander seeds and ground nutmeg brings a dusty nose to the gin all the way from Sri Lanka.  Also featured is sweet orange and lemon peel from Spain and cassia bark from Indonesia.

    We have featured Langley's No.8 all December with simple tonic mix so to bring out all featured botanicals and strong flavour. This is a gin that can handle being featured in a gin hot toddy.  We found the recipe on Langley's twitter feed and made it here in the restaurant.  We all loved it and thought is would make an excellent post Christmas Feast's the recipe.


    40ml Langley's No.8 Gin

    20ml fresh lemon juice

    80ml hot water

    Teaspoon of honey

    Star anaise, cinnamon stick, orange garnish

    Thumbnail _Full Size Render

    Hope you all enjoy!




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