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  • 21 Apr

    Pouilly Fume 2014 - Henri Bourgeois Wine of the Month May 2016

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    We are delighted to welcome Alban from the Henri Bourgeois family who is visiting Scotland next May. We are fortunate enough to have him help host our very exclusive Wine Dinner on the 17th of May. Although the wine dinner has been fully booked for some time now we have decided to blog about their outstanding Pouilly Fume.  This wine is the feminine Sauvignon Blanc.  Pure, complex and attractive


    From the chalky clay hills of a Saint-Andelain peak of the appelation where wine makeing dates back to the Roman era.  It terrior made of had calcerous rock gives poulliy fume its minrality, finess its rather lively character and its name. 'Travertine' is in fact a form of limestone formed by sedimentation.


    Grapes are gently pressed and allowed to settle for 24 hours, then fermentation takes place in thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks at 15-18 degrees celcius. The wine is then rested on its lees for five months at a cool temperature.  

    Tasting Notes

    White fruits and cirtus headline the palate on this wine.  Concentrated aromas of lime zest and wet chalk dominate the nose. Elegent and long lingering finish makes it the perfect food wine.

    Wine & Food

     While we can't devulge what Brian will be serving with this stunning wine at our dinner we can give a few recommended dishes.  Any shellfish, white meats and goats cheese are the favourite matches here.  

    This wine is an oustanding example of its kind and has an aging potential of up to 5 years.




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