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  • 31 Jan

    Featured Spirit of January 2017 Tanqueray No. TEN

    Posted by Carlee Wilson
    Featured Gin - Tanqueray No. TEN
    Launched in the year 2000, Tanqueray No. TEN wan named after the small still it was made in, lovingly pet-named 'tiny ten'.  But with over 7 major top spirit awards, we decided that there isn't anything 'tiny' about this stunning gin. It's fabulous qualities and distinct taste, can only be attributed to the use of superior ingredients, crafted with a means to producing the best Gin to make martini's and many other cocktails alike.

                                 The Bottle
    The striking design of the No. TEN
    bottle pays homage to the
    art deco era of the 1920's and 30's,
    accuratly referred to as
    the 'Golden Age' of gin cocktails.

    The Crest
    The pineapple top features on all tanqueray bottles
    and is a traditional symbol of hospitality,
    quality and discernment...we love this!

    The Botanicals
    A common mis-conception is that this gin features TEN botanicals. It only features eight in fact. Firstly, the baseline of it's little brother, Tanqueray London Dry, of Juniper, angelica root, coriander and licorice. Then in addtion, TEN adds fresh grapefruit, lime and orange with chamomile.  What's distinctly unique in this recipe is the word 'fresh'. While other gin master distillers will use dried fruit peel this 'world class' version uses only fresh fruit which shines through in abundance in it's outstanding flavour.

    Nice to 'Nose' you...
    Predominately fresh citrus on the nose. Star character juniper combines in a hazy trio of fresh lime notes and grapefruit. Underlying features of coriander and angelica root marry nicely with the for-front lime to create an enticing aroma that would leave any palate craving just one drop.

    Taste Time
    A bouquet of chamomile flowers and floral spice melt on to the palate, followed with a subtle mid-palate of grain. Finishing with long, spicy, lingering lime it's lasting quality leaves your acid receptors tingling and juicy, wanting more.

    We were overwhelmed with this gin at January's Gin Experience with Lunch event, we are delighted to feature it AGAIN in the month of February as Diageo drinks ambassador, Stephen Martin host's our Cocktail event, to be held on the 4th.

    Join us soon at Le Chardon d'Or an try this amazing tipple. For information on our upcoming events,  like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter or instagram or go to our What's On section on our website......Cheers!

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