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  • 02 Feb

    Braised shank of lamb, creamed potatoes, roast parsnips, rosemary jus

    Posted by Le Chardon d'Or


    Braised shank of lamb, creamed potatoes, roast parsnips, rosemary jus

    Serves 4



    4 x shank of lamb

    1x onion

    1.5 litre chicken or beef stock

    1x garlic

    6x parsnips



    1 pkt spinach

    1 sprigs


    1 sprigs 


    2-3 rooster potatoes

    ½ pint of double cream

    150g butter






    Start with the shank.

     Turn up the bone then place in pot, cover with the stock and chop the onion roughly.

     Cut the garlic in half and place into the pot with lamb. Add thyme, rosemary and a little salt. Bring to the boil, cover with a sheet of greaseproof paper then place in the oven for about one and a half hours.

    Once cooked leave lamb to cool in the stock, then remove it keeping it whole. Pass the stock.

    Put potatoes in foil tray. Place in oven until cooked then pass or mash, add butter then fold in cream gradually to the consistency that you want.

    Peel parsnips, cut into even sized wedges, roughly 4-5 pieces per portion. Cook in  boiling salted water until slightly under cooked. Refresh in iced salt water then cold drain and dry well. Then fry slowly until golden brown all over.

    Pick and wash spinach.

    Chop rosemary.

    When reheating the lamb, put in frying pan with the lamb stock, just enough to cover the base of the pan. Bring to the boil and then place in the oven. Keep covering the lamb with stock so the meat is glazing as it heating up.

    Whilst lamb is in the oven, reheat parsnips, mash and cook spinach.

    Place the mashed potatoes on the plate, then the spinach with lamb on top. The parsnips on the other side, add rosemary to sauce then sauce over.


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