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  • 01 Sep

    Jura 10yo Single Malt Whisky

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    Say hello to new Jura 10yo to accompany

    our A La Carte Menu

    Hours away from the Scottish mainland, miles away from ‘ordinary’ Jura might not be the easiest place to make whisky, but they believe it’s the best. With one road, one pub and one distillery - and home to a determined community spirit, they focus entirely on one thing – making the very best single malt whisky they can.

    Jura Road

    This focus has now led them to a new place.  A place reflective of their past, present and future where they can reveal a different side of their character.  Signifying the start of a new chapter in Jura’s rich story, they have created a new signature style of Jura Single Malt Whisky.

    The whisky itself sees a subtle smokiness brought together with a sweetness to create a new defining character.  This new style has been brought to life through the creation of range of five new and distinctive single malts.

    Jura Selection

    Diners at Brian Maule now have the opportunity to try one of these new characters; Jura 10yo, a trademark malt whisky for the modern drinker. Matured in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels for 10 years, with an aged Oloroso Sherry cask finish, it’s copper gold in colour with aromas of fruit, cracked pepper and dark chocolate; followed by nectarines, ginger and freshly ground coffee on the aftertaste.

    Also available within the restaurant is Jura Seven Wood, one of the more unique characters with the Jura Signature Series, which is ingeniously crafted from seven different oak types for a multi-layered flavour.

    Notes of honey, caramel and vanilla are created from initial maturation in American White Oak ex-bourbon casks, combined with a touch of subtle smoke to define their house style. The liquid is then transferred the spirit into hand selected French Oak casks. Exclusive to Jura they’ve never held any other spirit before.

    Each of these six French Oak barrels, contribute different flavours from citrus to peach, mango and grape pulp, to pineapple, clove and almonds – it’s the craft of our whisky makers who bring each component together in perfect balance for a tropical multi-layered flavour and texture.

    We hope you enjoy these new award winning expressions from Jura Whisky. For more information please visit their website at Jura Whisky

     View Brian's current A La Carte menu. Cheers!

    Jura Logo

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