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  • Posted by Cal Henry

    Kintyre Gin – Drink of the Month – March 2019

    Kintyre Gin Logo


    Brian and the team are delighted to be working with the good people at Beinn an TuircDistillery presenting Kintyre Gin as Brian’s drink of the Month for March 2019.

    A little information of what you will experience through every sip of this Gin! 

    Beinn an Tuirc Distillery proudly presents Kintyre Gin, a beautifully blended spirit using carefully selected botanicals which reflect our unique coastal, pasture and woodland position on the east coast of the Kintyre peninsula.


    Kintyre Gin is sustainably produced using our very own renewable energy, powered from the small hydro-electric scheme at Torrisdale Castle Estate. Our water is sourced from the hill from which we take our name. ‘Beinn an Tuirc’ translates from gaelic as ‘The Hill of the Wild Boar’ and is the highest point in Kintyre, located above our distillery building.



    We embrace wet weather here at Beinn an Tuirc! Our 99kw hydro- electric scheme powers our copper still, giving Kintyre Gin unique eco credentials.  The turbine house is located just a few yards away from the distillery and the source of the burn can be found high up on Beinn an Tuirc itself.



    Scotland’s unique fresh spring water has a long association with malt whisky production and is also a vital ingredient in gin distillation. We have our own ready supply from a Victorian spring located just above the distillery. The water is gravity fed directly to the distillery where it is used in the gin making process.



    We are fully committed to reducing our impact on the environment and pledge to plant a tree in our dedicated woodland area for every case of Kintyre Gin sold. When our distillery visitor centre opens, customers will also be offered the opportunity to plant a tree and leave a long lasting legacy on the estate. 


    Kintyre Gin Bottle  


    To achieve the characteristics of a very flavoursome and well-balanced spirit, the gin consists of 10 commonly used botanicals, with the addition of 2 which are unique, namely Icelandic moss and sheep sorrel – both grow on the estate in abundance.

    Either through maceration or vapour infusion, these produce a gin which our expert tasting panel described as having earthy and spicy characteristics, being deep in flavour, with a very pleasant floral aroma. A true taste of Kintyre!



    Our small copper pot still, was imported from Germany and has a fill capacity of only 230 litres of spirit, resulting in a truly hand crafted gin. The still is run on a three-phase electricity supply direct from our own hydro-electric scheme. During periods of drought we have the ability to import electricity direct from the grid to maintain a steady flow of gin.

    This fine looking still is named Big Don, a nod to Niall and Kenny’s father who sadly passed away during the initial stages of the distillery’s development. A keen gin drinker, and luckily for us, someone with a great sense of humour, Donald will be watching on with interest!


     Kintyre Distillation


    Kintyre Gin is a Classic London Dry Gin using traditional and unique botanicals. Kintyre Gin offers a delicate juniper, citrus and floral spirit with a warm spice to finish.

    Kintyre Gin Bottle 2



    Juniper, coriander, almond, liquorice, angelica root,

    cassia bark, orange and lemon peel, orris root,

    cubeb berry, Icelandic moss and sheep sorrel.



    Vibrant fresh juniper to the fore with delicate floral

    and citrus notes.



    Juniper leads into the zesty citrus and light floral

    notes from the Icelandic moss and sheep sorrel.



    A smooth, dry finish with a warm lingering spice.


    Consumer Choice Kintyre Gin 

    With all the hard work put into every bottle Kintyre Gin has WON SILVER in The Scottish Gin Society Consumer Award 2019!






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