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  • 05 Jul

    The Scottish Gin Society

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

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    For our Chef Patron Brian Maule, making use of Scotlands bountiful larder has always been key to providing the highest quality of produce in his menus. One of our teams primary ambitions is to ensure our guest is well looked after by our knowledgeable staff while getting the opportunity to enjoy the best food and drink that Scotland has on offer. So, when our good friend and Gin Experience host Martin Duffy (owner of Solid Liquids) introduced us to Stephen White (creator of the non-profit Scottish Gin Society) we couldn’t help but feel excited by his great work.

    The Scottish Gin Society

    The sheer amount of new gins being produced and distilleries opening in Scotland has been nothing short of phenomenal. We believe it’s people like Stephen that are doing the biggest job; working relentlessly to keep people informed and knowledgeable about just how good our Scottish brands are.

    His society has a massive loyal following and was founded on the basis of a common passion for Scottish Gin. As stated on the website

    ‘When we’re not chopping garnishes, refilling our ice trays or memorising perfect serves, we’re out visiting distilleries to hear first-hand what makes each Scottish gin so special.’

    Stephen’s knowledge on the subject will be testified by many gin enthusiasts he’s met along the way. Sharing his experiences online, his Society has grown to the fabulous resource and social base it is today.

    The Scottish Gin Society team have worked hard over many months to create the most comprehensive guide to all the Scottish Gins available listing over 100 different gins! Alongside this there is an interactive Map, that shows where each gin is distilled and up to date information on tours available.

    Stephen White will host our Saturday the 14th of July lunch. Starting with an informal tasting of four gins followed with their perfect serve or cocktail match. As Stephen himself lives between Glasgow and Aviemore, it's only right that he should be showing off Glasgows Makar and Crossbill gins, along with the fine Aviemore born gins of Inshriach and Kinrara. After the tasting, guests will enjoy a two-course lunch upstairs, all for 48.50 per person. It’s often revered by our guests to be an outstanding value day out.

    Brian and the team always strive to add as much value as they can on to all their events. Having Stephen host will add a great 'mix', that will be sure to 'garnish' our event well and possibly create its most ‘perfect serve’ yet.

    It costs nothing to share your appreciation for Scottish gins. Go to The Scottish Gin Society website here to find out more or sign-up for the Society's round-up of tastings and events. If you're prefer to admire from a social platform, click on the links to like their Society pages - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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