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  • 01 Feb

    The Loch Fyne, The Living Cask Batch 6 Whisky

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    The Loch Fyne, The Living Cask Batch 6 Whisky to accompany our seasonal A La Carte Menu

    Brian and the team at Le Chardon d'Or are delighted to feature the stunning Loch Fyne, The Living Cask Batch 6 as our single malt whisky throughout February.

    The Loch Fyne Scotland Trans (1)

    The Loch Fyne The Living Cask is totally unique. The first Living Cask, The Living Cask 1745, was the winner of a liquid gold award in the 2016 Jim Murray whisky bible - scoring an impressive 94.5 points.


    Carefully selecting a used bourbon cask with tight staves and a good heritage, it created a marriage of what Loch Fyne Whiskies consider to be the ‘the best’ Islay single malts.


    Inspired by this, Loch Fyne Whiskies got to work on another Living Cask batch combining The Living Cask 1745 and a selection of carefully chosen Highland malts. Due to the way it was made stocks were limited and soon sold out.


    Batch 2 was created taking the depleted stocks of Batch 1 and pouring in a selection of delicious Speyside single malts. Once again, the stock was limited, and The Living Cask Batch 2 sold out as well. Next came Batch 3 then, 4, and 5 and now we’re on The Living Cask Batch 6.

     Barrel (1)

    Batch 6 has been influenced by the addition of more Islay malts, returning The Living Cask to its smoky 1745 roots. And so the process will go on! The Living Cask® will never die and will always be an evolution of its Islay origins.


    Every batch crafted is different, meaning each intriguing expression is a limited-edition release and part of an ongoing series which is as collectable as it is delicious.


    LFW Livingcaskbatch 6



    Tasting Notes

    Nose: sweet with warm vanilla fudge and toasted coconut, before sweet smoke, peat and a salty sea spray.

    Palate: richly textured with grassy notes, tobacco leaf and pine needles; the smoke is subtle, balanced with barley, wood spice, liquorice and lemon zest.

    Finish: earthy smoke and black pepper lingering.

    ABV: 43.6%

    Brian and the team hope that you will join us soon so we can let you experience this quality malt whisky complements of Loch Fyne Whiskies and us!

    View Brian's current seasonal A La Carte menu. Cheers!

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