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  • 14 Mar

    Ron Abuelo 7 and Cocktail Recipe

    Posted by Carlee Wilson



    Stylish Ron Abuelo Cocktail

    Having had a love of rum for many years, we were delighted to hear that Emily of Hi Spirits and host of our up-and-coming ladies who lunch with cocktails event was looking to feature this very tasty 7 year old Panamaniam number made by an interesting distillery that grow all their own sugar cane. They even produce their own sugar cane gin!

    Cocktail recipe from our latest stylish Saturday event

    Over the dry season, sugar cane is harvest and fresh pressed and fermented. Following four column distillation the spirit is placed in bourbon barrels for a minimum of 7 years.

    During the wet season they use a combination of pressed cane juice and molasses for its fermentation base.

    After the 7 years the two liquids are blended then bottled.  The result?  Let's find out...

    Appearence: Lucious translucent light coloured gold. When held to the light a fresh honey glow appears.

    Nose: Hints of straw and dry flowers, and beneath this, a heavier, rich, vanilla and caramel aroma lurks.

    Taste: Sweet on the tip of your tongue at first with toffee and caramel leading into a floral midpalate of apple blossom. To finish an earthy leather note with no hint of the alcohol burn that you would ordinarily find in a 40% ABV.

    This is a reflection of masterful blending.

    It is often the comment that this rum represents excellent quality of product without carrying the price of its equally aged counterparts.

    We can't wait to try Emily's recipe for her Panamanian Cooler.  It's not  a tough recipe, why don't you try it for yourself for a refreshing taste of where our drinks trends might just be headed...alternatively, get yourself booked in for our ladies cocktail lunch and enjoy this delightful rum with us! Call to book 0141 248 3801


    Panamanian Cooler

    25 ml Ron Abuelo 7
    12.5 ml Tripple Sec
    25 ml fresh lemon juice
    12.5 ml gomme syrup
    125 ml pineapple juice


    Strain into a highball glass over crushed ice.


    Ron Abuelo 7 Rum
    Lime Wheel
    Optional Pineapple Wedge


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