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  • 17 Jun

    Pan Fried Salmon - Recipe of June 2014

    Posted by Brian Maule

    SERVES 4

    4 x salmon fillets (portions)

    80g x baby girolles

    1 x large turnip

    150g butter

    1 pkt spinach

    2 x bunch spring onions

    ¼ pt chicken stock

    100ml olive oil

    ¼ pt lamb jus

    salt and pepper


    When buying or preparing the salmon make sure it is scaled and pin boned, then cut into even portions.

    Trim the turnip by peeling then cutting up into big chunks. Cook in salted boiling water.

    When cooked, take out and make sure it is dry. Put in a pot and crush with a fork, folding the butter through at the same time. If needed, add a little chicken stock.

    Season to your taste

    Pick and wash the spinach leaves. Fry quickly in a hot pan and season.

    Clean the girolles by cleaning the stem of the mushrooms.

    If they are big you can cut down slightly.

    Fry lightly in olive oil.

    Take the spring onions and cut into even size batons. Cook in boiling salted water.

    Season fish both sides, add a little olive oil to a hot pan, then place fish into the pan skin side down until golden colour. Turn fish over until a nice golden colour and then turn back onto skin side. Place in oven 4-5 mins. (you want to take the salmon out slightly pink)

    While salmon is cooking, get everything else, hot and ready to go.

    Place spinach on bottom middle of plate. Place salmon on to of spinach, spring onions and girolles top right and turnip top left.

    Put sauce around the salmon.

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