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  • 13 Apr

    Michel Roux Jr joins Brian at our Amazing Annual Event

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    In the middle of his own busy week holding special events - like le Gavroches’ 50th Anniversary - we were honoured, that Michel Roux Jr took time out, to visit us at Le Chardon d’Or, to co-host our annual event, alongside Brian.

    Witnessing Brian and Michel together again, is like seeing brothers reunite. Their close friendship is glaringly obvious. Stories fly, one to the other over a coffee, pre-event. This is coupled with much laughter and of course, serious catching up, sharing news on their respective families and businesses. This kinship is one only obtained by a deep-seated, mutual respect. It’s something wonderful to observe.
    Kitch Crew
    Brian’s team, as you can imagine, revel in Michel’s visit too, listening intently on every word of advice, direction and ‘say so’ of this culinary mentor.
    Our friends and guests in attendance this year, were delighted to each meet with Brian and Michel, with photo opportunities rife! 

    We wanted to thank every-one that attended by providing this reminder of the food and drinks they all enjoyed that evening.

     Gav Wines1

    On Arrival:

    Nicolas Maillart Champagne flowed to start of the evening. The Platine, Premier Cru, is wonderfully fresh and vinous with fabulous finesse. It paired well with our spiced crab and tomato crème fraiche canape. Great fruit character and underlying toast elements matched the Parma Ham and celeriac remoulade too. 

    First Course:

    Next up was the Reserve Gewürztraminer from Gustav Lorentz. This Alsatian delight is fresh and complex and delectably rich. Brian and Michel matched a marbled terrine of foie gras and smoked chicken. The classic of Sauternes to match foie gras was met in this dish with the off dry exotic ripe fruit quality of this gewürztraminer. The wine displayed layers of spices of ginger and pepper to further compliment this beautifully textured terrine. 

    Second Course:

    Mid-course featured a fantastically meaty fillet of stone bass with asparagus tips, Maltese sauce and crushed hazelnuts. 

    Domaine Gerald and Philibert Talmard brought us a match for this in their wine from the small town of Uchizy in the Maconnais. This is a refreshing 2015 chardonnay has nice fruit and great acidity, a result of its fermentation in stainless steel only. Excellent with fish alone, the fruit matched incredibly well to the orange flavoured sauce with acidity shaving through the rich texture.

    Third Course

    Main course was aged Scotch rib eye with pickled crisp tongue show-cased alongside a fantastic 100% merlot from a Grand Cru in St Emilion, Delice du Prieure of 2011. This red berry filled delight has a great structure featuring tannin and fruit that’s delightfully balanced. The roundness of flavour was a perfect match to the brilliant texture of the beef and tongue.

    Fourth Course:

    To finish, Brian and Michel served a light chocolate and caramel mousse with poached pear and chocolate cookie crumble. Sounding like heaven alone, it was matched with a nectar-like 2012 Monbazillac Réserve from Château Bélingard. Together the ripe fruit quality of the wine matched the pear nicely and the wines structured acidity refreshed the palate enough, eliminating any cloying quality with the sweet luscious mousse. 

    Fifth Course

    To finish off this fantastic evening, this marvelous VSOP Cognac featured from Bisquit. All our guests enjoyed this fine tipple with their coffee and hand-made petit fours.  

    The Chateau Bisquit is defined by ‘elegance, excellence, attention to detail, generosity, and warmness’ True qualities that we believe we offer to our guests at Le Chardon d’Or. Classic in style the liquor is soft and fresh. Fruit aromas of pear and plum with full notes of cinnamon and oak wood delight the palate. 

    Mates (1)
    We host many special wine evening and events at Le Chardon d'or. Make sure you're kept informed by joining our mailing list and staying in touch via the restaurants social media channels - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

    We're looking forward to our up-coming Cocktail lunches, see our dates here.

    Brian and the team hope they can welcome you soon at Le Chardon d'or.











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