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  • 02 May

    Apple Tart Tatin - Recipe of May 2014

    Posted by Brian Maule

    SERVES 4

    8 x cox apples

    200g caster sugar

    200g unsalted butter

    Puff pastry sheets

    Vanilla ice cream


    Pre heat oven to 180 degrees (160 Fan)

    Peel and cut apples in half and core the apple. Take a round earthenware dish or individual moulds.

    Slice butter and place on bottom of dish. Sprinkle sugar on top then place the apples in the dishes from the outside going around in a circle, then fill in the middle.

    If individual, use 3-4 halves.

    Make sure the core side of the apple is facing up the way.

    Take puff pastry sheets and cut round pieces slightly bigger than the moulds or dishes so you can get the pastry under the apples.

    Place the round of pastry on top, then go round making sure the pastry is just under and around the apple.

    Take a fork and make some holes on top.

    Place on the cooker or gas ring and start cooking.

    When you start to see the sugar go light brown place in the pre heated oven and bake until cooked.

    When serving, tip upside down so you should have pastry at the bottom and the apples are well caramalized.

    Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top

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