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  • 18 Nov

    The Scottish Cancer Foundation Charity Evening

    Posted by Brian Maule

    Brian Maule and the team at Le Chardon d’Or were delighted to support the Scottish Cancer Foundation last month with an evening of fine food, wine and service; all donated to celebrate a cause worthy of our utmost support

    Brian catering for 80 guests with a three-course meal midweek does not warrant note, however, when all proceeds are awarded to such a worthy cause, it makes for a gratifying and worthy of shouting about event. Exposure for this foundation is key – we are delighted to offer our valued clients an insight as to why this charity is one that’s placed at the top of our fundraising list.

    The fundamental values of this cause are improving understanding, promoting prevention & fostering collaborative research for all forms of cancer.

    Researchers, Professor Sir Patrick Forrest, and Professor John Evans CBE, founded the Scottish Cancer Foundation in 1997.

    Together they endeavored to create a foundation to aide research and address the high incidence of cancer in Scotland. Although marked improvements have been made, ongoing work is imperative, as cancer remains one of the main causes of untimely death in the Scottish population.

    Most notable work of this foundation has been its capacity to ‘bring together’ some of the best cancer researchers in Scotland.  The collaborative work of these researchers has played a monumental role in improving technology to provide screening for early cancer detection and for providing the best treatment methods available for all forms of cancer.  

    The foundations work does not end with research and development – a large portion of their effort goes into cancer prevention.  This is achieved through access of information and education of Scotland’s population - largely provided by its affiliate the Scottish Cancer Prevention Network. Campaigns are spoken in a language that’s easily understood. The ‘Wholegrains for health’ campaign was truly reflective of this, promoting the increase of fibre consumption in Scottish diets by providing easy to follow soup recipes and ideas to increase vegetable intake. Creating achievable guidelines for people to improve their health and prevent Cancer.

    If you want to know more, or wish to donate please visit the Scottish Cancer Foundation website here.






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