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  • 21 Aug

    Brooklyn Gin

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    We are delighted to be featuring Brooklyn Gin August 2018

    Small batch, award-winning craft gin made in New York...


    Crafted by Joe Santos and Emil Jattne, one batch at a time, using a selection of fresh botanicals and citrus peels as well as hand cracked juniper berries. Each batch contains just 300 bottles, finished at 40% ABV and made using a base spirit derived from 100% corn grain.

    The care taken in this Gin's production is reflected in its stunning flavour profile;

    On the nose there is crisp and fresh citrus aromas with subtle hints of lavender. The palate is complex with layers of flavour. Fresh citrus notes come forward with pine, complementing the herbal juniper flavour. Smooth and deliciously lengthy flavours are distinguished by a slight floral note on the finish.

     Brooklyn Gin Bottle Design

    Brooklyn Gin Bottle Design Quote (1)

    Our Cocktail Match - The Bee's Knee's

    50ml Brooklyn Gin

    20ml Fresh lemon juice

    20ml Honey Syrup

    (Make by mixing 1:1 Honey to Warm Water)


    Shake all ingredients in a Boston shaker over ice. Strain into rocks glass over cubed ice and garnish with a slice of lemon...Cheers!

    To try this gin along with Hi Spirits other brands, book or enquire about August 18th Gin Experience and Lunch by emailing the team at: [email protected]

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