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  • 01 Jan

    Love Gin? Love Eden Mill

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    Enjoy Eden Mill of St Andrews LOVE Gin with our A La Carte Menu through January

    Brian and the team are delighted to be featuring Eden Mill of St Andrews LOVE gin this January. This prestigious distillery has truly gone from strength to strength over the past few years, growing their brand of Gin’s (and most recently their first whisky) using beautiful packaging and equally outstanding contents.
    We think Eden Mill's Love Gin is’s why…


    Hibiscus and rose petal are the two infused botanicals that are used in this pale pink gin. This creates a floral nose with warm berry notes and a smidge of green fruit at the end.

     Tiny Hibisc (1)


    Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Hibiscus, Rose Petals, Elderberry, Rhubarb Root, Marshmallow Root, Goji Berry, Raspberry Leaf.



    Soft subtle juniper on the nose, touch of warm spiced berries - strawberry, raspberry. Sweet vanilla and green fruits - green apple and pears. Finishing with very delicate citrus pink grapefruit and drop of rose water at the very end.



    >Taste of strong warming spirit, (gin) juniper and rhubarb spice that quickly becomes very mellow, soft and sweet - very ripe berries at first, freeze dried strawberries, raspberries with a sweet vanilla, rhubarb and custard (sweets) notes returning and finishing with green apple citrus and hint of rose water.



    Long warming finish that moves to freeze dried fruits down to soft vanilla notes.



    Really brings out the bitter and sweet. The hard bitterness of the quinine exaggerates the chewy strawberry/raspberry fruit and the soft rhubarb and custard finish.



    Pink grapefruit or red berries when seasonal or frozen raspberries.


    How to Enjoy

    Fabulous neat, you will taste the prominence of juniper upfront and a lovely spiced rhubarb kick melting into a mellow sweet confected rhubarb and vanilla. Green fruits and citrus shine through at the end to balance your taste-buds to an all-over palate experience. We love this gin with a basic tonic mixer or a mild dry prosecco. Diluted with a mixer, sweet vanilla and floral notes really steal the show. With a tonic mix always garnish with red berry or pink grapefruit. When out of season frozen redberries are a great alternative.

    Bar tenders are unanimous in their opinion that Eden LOVE features amazingly in cocktails too. We LOVE this gin in a Bramble style cocktail. The blackberry liquor Chambord adds to the already present red berry flavours. The fresh lemon bringing an extra prominence to the green fruit quality.  We think this recipe show cases LOVE gin fantastically!


    LOVE Gin Bramble


    60 ml x Eden Mill Love Gin
    30ml x Fresh Lemon Juice
    15ml x Sugar Syrup
    15ml x Chambord

    Method: Shake Gin Lemon Juice and sugar syrup in a Boston Shaker. Strain into a tumbler or rocks glass filled with crushed ice. Float the Chambord on top and garnish with a big juicy blackberry...ENJOY!

    Brian and the team hope they can welcome you soon to share in this delectable's our current A La Carte menu for those needing further persuasion! Cheers!

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