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  • 16 May

    Berkeley Square - Gin of May 2017

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    Berkeley Square Gin - Basil Smash Cocktail Recipe

    When Brian and the team got the chance to try this gin, we came to understand what makes Berkeley Square referred to as the ‘malt whisky’ of the gin world.

    Coming from the purest of Britain’s water, Berkeley Square’s base liquid is sourced from the pebbled beds of the Cheshire Plains.

    It features 8 botanicals and is distilled using a two-day long age old method.

    Day one sees the core base botanicals of juniper, coriander, angelica and cubeb berries placed by hand into No.8 copper still; kaffir lime leaves are added here too.

    The final basil, lavender and sage are then wrapped in muslin and added. This is left for 48 hours and allows all the essential oils of the botanicals to infuse into the liquid.

    What results of this process is an exquisitely smooth gin which can be easily enjoyed straight up or on the rocks; similar to a fine whisky or cognac.

    We are delighted to feature this unique and outstanding gin in our ‘Basil Smash’ Cocktail on Saturday as recommended by our expert host Jon of Marblehead Brand Development.


    Glass: Martini

    Garnish: Basil Leaf and Lime


    50ml Berkeley Square

    Small Bunch Basil

    1/2 Lime

    20ml Sugar Syrup


    Muddle basil and lime in base of boston - squeezing juice from lime. To the shaker add Berkeley Square, Sugar Syrup and Ice and shake.  Stain into a chilled Martini Glass.


    To find our more and learn about other featured cocktails visit Berkeley Square.

    To book or enquire about this Saturday’s Gin Experience and Lunch or find out future dates please contact Brian and the team at this email: [email protected]

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