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  • 18 Jul

    Rutte Gin Range

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    Summer Gin Experience with Rutte Gin range

    July's Gin Experience was fabulous!

    Our host Angus of Speciality Brands showcased the historical Rutte Gin range.  

    Rutte Gin


    Rutte  History

    The Rutte family have been involved in distilling since the mid18th century.

    In 1872 Simon Antonius Rutte bought the shop where they are still located today. His son, Antonius, was born in the same year, and would later become a partner in the firm S.A Rutte and Sons (the S is for Simon, and A is for Antonius). All the spirits and liqueurs they sold in the shop were distilled by them in the building.

    The distillery stayed in the family's hands until 1991, when they sold it to various shareholders. These shareholders respected the traditions of the family and kept the old recipes alive, and helped spread appreciation for the brand to the rest of The Netherlands.

    In 2003 Myriam Hendrickx came on board, and took over as distillery manager / master distiller. Her background was food tech. She went on to modernise the running of the distillery, but maintained the traditional recipes and production processes.

    In 2011 Dekuyper purchased it, and after winning high accolades, including The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America's "best gin in the world", they decided to launch it internationally.

    Rutte production

    Rutte's company motto is "distilled with passion", and tradition and quality are at the forefront of what they do. Many other companies simplified their old recipes, but Rutte maintain them the way they were, remaining true to the original way of doing things.

    They also don't use any artificial flavourings, including in the liqueurs they produce. The ingredients they do use are carefully sourced and of the highest quality, including their botanicals and base spirits for making their gins and genevers.

    The Distillery has a 230L German made copper pot still with a short three plate column, made by Muller-Brennereianlagen. They always steep botanicals before distilling, not using any form of botanical trays for vapour infusion.

    They have facility for steeping and batching, and trey ovens for roasting the nuts used in the genever.

    Rutte Products

    Rutte Dry Gin

    This is a fantastic classic style dry gin. Its base is high quality neutral grain alcohol, distilled in

    Holland from French Winter Wheat.

    Rutte Celery Gin

    Made exactly the same way as above, with the same base spirit,

    bottled at the same strength, but differs in botanicals.

    Rutte Old Simon Genever

    Named after the founder of the distillery and brand, this is a generations old recipe,

    and perhaps the most complex genever in existence.


    You may have missed July's Gin Experience but we are still listing these fabulous gins...come in and try them today!




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