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  • 10 Oct

    Absolut Elyx - Spirit of the Month October 2016

    Posted by Carlee Wilson

    This stunning highly refined premium vodka from Absolut was first released in 2011. Distillation is carried out in 100% copper stills that are wrapped in wood for insulation purposes. Produced only in small quantities, it has an emphasis on hand crafting and is made with winter wheat.  It's flavour profile is dictated by local water which is filtered through limestone bedrock.  Sounds like we're talking about making wine!? A spirit made with this much attention to detail could have 'elixir' fact it's name is derived from the word - but given the terms medical connotations it was shortened to 'Elyx' giving the spirit a double whammy of meaning when translated from Swedish meaning 'Luxury'.

    The mash for Elyx is passed through a filter of copper rings - that are only ever used once - then moved on and used in the production of Absolut. The spirits most distinctive flavours come from the 4 different copper stills the raw spirit passes through. The spirit is heated through this process to remove unwanted alcohols, all the while the spirit is closely monitored by master distillers - tasting and smelling the spirit at every point.

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    So how does it taste? Absolut Elyx is clean and sharp with a crisp grain note. Delicate vanilla cream with a touch of butterscotch, hinting towards hazelnut and finally chocolate. Where Elyx really shows flair is it's spice element which is widely felt on the palate. This spice gives Elyx fabulous structure and makes the finish a statement of cleanliness.

    Call to book for our October 22nd Cocktail Event with host Pernod Ricard and get to try this exclusive premium vodka yourself! Cheers! 








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