Celebration Menu

Our Celebration Menu is designed by showing dishes off our a la carte menu in smaller tasting portions.  A popular choice for our guests, this menu also has the option for wine to accompany each course. As you make your way through this delectable offering you will be guided through the components and flavours of each dish and why the chosen wine match has been made.  This menu promises to be a feast for the senses and real ‘foodie’ heaven.

Celebration Menu


pressed rabbit terrine, green peppercorns, artichoke salad



ragout of smoked haddock, crab and butternut squash



cream of parsnip soup



fillet of lamb, puree of celeriac, red wine shallot confit



selection of french and scottish cheeses



extra bitter dark chocolate mousse, griottine cherries and curd


£59.95 per person (whole tables only)

£52.50 additional for matching wines


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