Chef Brian Maule

The Life of Brian

At an early age, Brian left his Ayrshire hometown to travel to Lyon, the culinary capital of France. Here he worked and trained with some of the country’s most respected chefs. Brian obtained exemplary culinary techniques here which resulted in an undeniable inspiration and passion for cooking at the highest level.

His potential was spotted by Michel Roux Jr and Albert Roux of the Michelin famed Le Gavroche restaurant in London. At the age of only 24, he was appointed Head Chef at this prestigious venue.  Brian led a select brigade of 18 kitchen staff for eleven years and successfully retained their acclaimed Two Michelin Star award throughout.

In 2001, Brian returned to Scotland and was able to recognise his life-long dream as he opened the doors of his own restaurant, Le Chardon d’Or.

His international reputation as a fine, world-class Chef followed him to Glasgow; coupled with his relentless work ethic and unwavering attention to detail; creating what his restaurant is today.

Over the years Brian has adapted his menus to suit the palates of our valued guests; who have come to enjoy and rely on our consistently high standard of food.

Paying homage to the bounty of the Scottish larder, Brian and his team create exquisite recipes which change with the season. Wholly unpretentious, Brian will happily amend any of his dishes to suit the palate of each individual diner on request.

Almost eighteen years on you will still find Brian in the kitchen every day, working alongside his team, overseeing the cooking and presentation of every dish. The result is a consistent, high standard of quality food that remains unparalleled.

'My name is above the door, so my guests have a right to expect me in the kitchen.' -Brian Maule


Brian and The Team

In addition to Brian’s commitment to be in his kitchen for guests, Brian has also taken considerable time and care to mentor his core kitchen and front of house team.

The majority of Brian’s team boast an employment history spanning well over a decade at Le Chardon d’Or. This dedication and longevity of service (often unheard of in the hospitality industry) is clear evidence of Brian’s likeability as an employer and shows how valued he is not only as a mentor, but more importantly, how valued he is as an integral team member.

His leadership and training techniques are ones which result in an engaging and motivating learning environment, as he draws from his own experience and adapts this knowledge to suit modern day trends.

Brian’s hand’s on approach allows him to align his team by playing to individual strengths and identifying weaker areas, enabling him to provide his support and further training where and when it’s needed.

These practices have resulted in the team Brian has today; a dynamic, fully supported group of passionate individuals, that embrace forward thinking and ongoing evolution of their offering. This enables our team to adapt to the demands and ever-changing trends of the hospitality industry.

The foundation of all this is based on our collective dedication to providing our guests with unrivalled high standards of food, drinks and service.


My name is above the door, so my guests have a right to expect me in the kitchen

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