Poached Peach

Current Ala Carte Menu

'While the seasons are the same every year, what happens in the forrest and field is always different and it is this challenge I most enjoy responding to. It is comforting to return to favourite dishes, that we know people love; but creating something new that is well received is a rewarding challenge.'

Drawing on dishes from years gone past and new inspirations; our menu changes as the seasons dictate. 

Brian's native understanding and respect for Scottish produce coupled with long standing relationships with suppliers, fisherman and farmers allows him to create food that show diners a sense place and locality from the ingredients he uses and the rewards of practicing classic French technique at the highest level for more than twenty years. 

Our current offerings; along with a menu to suit those that choose not to eat meat can be downloaded for viewing below but please don't hesitate to contact the restaurant by phone or email if you have any queries.



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